We capture the moment. You enjoy it.
1. View personal gallery
2. Select your favorite products and photos
3. Call 209.914.7825 to order
Deposit Reminder: To use your deposit, you must order within 7 days of receiving your photos
When can I view my photos?
Usually within 6-7 days of the event, we post photos on our website under "Find My Gallery". We send an email with a direct link to your gallery once the photos are uploaded. In addition, we call to make sure you received our email. 
I can't open the link to my photos - What's going on?
There are three possible things that can cause you to not be able to view your photos: 
     1. Internet Explorer. It just doesn't cooperate with our website. We highly recommend Google Chrome.
     2. Work Computers. Many companies block non-work related sites. Ours is one of them. (How did they know?!)
     3. Mobile Photos. You may be able to view your photos, but the photo numbers are not visible on some devises. We do have a mobile app which you can download here.
What's the password to my gallery?
You can find your password in the email that we send you informing you that your photos had been posted.
How do I place my order?
Select your favorite photos and record the photo numbers (located below each photo beginning with the swimmer's name). Call 209.914.7825 with your photo numbers ready to place your order.
How much do my photos cost?
You can find the pricing here.
Can I order more photos later?
We still have your photos and are happy to serve you again!
How do I order a collage?
Tell us the image numbers you'd like included and which custom artwork you'd like to have - Action Sequence, Full Coverage, or Window Collage. We will create a proof for you to approve within about 1-2 weeks. You'll review and approve the collage. Then, we ship it to you to enjoy forever!
How long will it take to receive my order?
We edit and process every image that is ordered to make sure they are perfect for you to enjoy forever! This process takes up to two weeks. 
How do I receive the photos that I ordered as "Digitals"?
You'll have a new gallery on our website under "My Photos > Orders > (your event name) > Swimmer's Last Name". This is where your digital images are stored with the same password as your original gallery. Here, you can download your high resolution digital images from any devise.
Will Amado Imagery be at our next meet?
We travel all over Southern California providing our services at different meets! If you'd like to have us at one of your meets, contact us and we'll be glad to make it happen.