Copyright of Photos belongs to Zoom Photography in perpetuity. 

Photos are defined as creations by Zoom Photography including but not limited to prints, digital images, proof photos, collages, or other products.



Violation of Copyright is subject to penalty by law. Violation includes, but is not limited to use of Photos as:

  • Promotion for team, including:
    • Display of Photos on team or organization's website
    • Display of Photos on team or organization's social media
    • Printed or other promotional use
    • Any other public display or use without written permission from Zoom Photography
  • Publishing of photos (i.e. newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.)
  • Sale or donation of Photos



Purchased Digital Download may be shared or printed for personal use only. Personal use includes sharing the photos with friends and family in a non-professional setting. For permission to use on social media, proper credit is required to be displayed as follows:

  • Instagram: Photo by Zoom Photography @Zoom_SwimPhotos
  • Facebook: Photo by Zoom Photography @Zoom.SwimPhotos
  • Other: Photo by Zoom Photography